srImathE satagOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

entranceAdhi kEsava perumAL along with srI dhEvi, bhU dhEvi and pankaja valli thAyAr, resides in a beautiful temple in this dhivya kshEthram. kUram is the thiruvavathAra¬† (janma/birth) sthalam (place) of kUrathAzhwAn. The place where kUrathAzhwAn‘s sannidhi is presently seen is said to be the thirumALigai (palace) of kUrathAzhwAn.

perumal-thayarskurathazhwankUram is situated very close to kAnchIpuram. kUrathAzhwAn‘s father and subsequently kUrathAzhwAn himself were administering this town during their time. AzhwAn is a greatly celebrated AchArya in the srIvaishNava sath sampradhAyam. He was performing thadhIyArAdhanam (offering prasAdham) to thousands of people every day in this charming town.

At present, many uthsavams are celebrated in this dhivya kshEthram with great dedication by the families that belong to this dhivya kshEthram and many other abhimAnis (admirers) of kUrathAzhwAn.


perumAL: Adhi kEsava perumAL

thAyAr: pankaja valli thAyAr

sthalAdhipathi/AchAryan: kUrathAzhwAn

perumAL posture: standing facing east

Agamam: srI pAncharAthram

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AzhwAr  emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam

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